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Global Retinal Health Initiative is committed to advancing retinal health in local communities and around the world. Click on the projects below to read more about our initiatives.



Rurka Eye Camp:  Screening and Treatment of Patients with Retinal Diseases 

Global Retina Health Initiative recently supported the work of Rurka Eye Camp in Rurka Kalan, India where over 700 locals participated in retinal eye screenings. In addition, GRHI donated retinal surgical equipment, including the Millennium Vitrectomy machine and disposable instrumentation. 

Eye Care for Elderly

Eye Care for the Elderly Seminar 

To increase the accessibility of information on retinal health for the elderly community, GRHI

partnered with the Lions Club International and presented the seminar "Eye Care for the Elderly."  


BAPS Annual Eye Screening Project

GRHI  is committed to advancing retinal health throughout the world, including in our local communities. 

Recently, GRHI partnered with the BAPS Charities to provide retinal eye screenings in Canton, Michigan. 

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